Friday, July 8, 2022

Introducing Zayacare: At Your Service!

 Connecting You With Perinatal Health Specialties and Auxiliary Services Covered by Your Network!!! is a virtual resource hub and perinatal concierge service available to you by simply registering on their site. Through easy navigation, or through a personal online consultation you can be matched with health professionals not usually covered by your HMO plan, but can be through the special arrangements of Zayacare. 

The array of services is dazzling, and the prospect of insurance coverage is a reassuring delight. Services that are typically considered ancillary are the very services Zayacare considers to be essential. Their mission is to bring this availability and access to pregnant and new moms, and to match them up with the very professionals in their location. 

Lactation Consultants, Pelvic Floor Specialists, Nutritionists and Diabetes Dietitians, Professionals in Mental Health, and more are included in their roster.
HMO's participating include Aetna, EmblemHealth-HIP, Empire BlueCross BlueShield, Oxford Freedom, and UnitedHealthcare. And of course, Out of Pocket. 

Also a portal,'s site is linked with appointment booking capability, making Zayacare a comprehensive, convenient and evolutionary concept in Perinatal Support. Their expert staff is available by phone, 646-433-6113, or free virtual consultation, offering all manner of assistance in designing and arranging your personalized prenatal or postpartum health support.

I highly recommend registering, exploring and utilizing  this new resource. 


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

My New Place of Practice/Covid Compliant

Jody Caravaglia is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist, inviting you to book an appointment for a massage: Prenatal, Swedish, or Deep Tissue in her newly renovated and covid-safe treatment room located in Brooklyn Heights.

Over the past decade, Jody has practiced from two Montague St. Yoga Studios, and was responsible for designing the prenatal program at Area Yoga. 

Her prenatal massages have been acclaimed on YELP! and social media, and she has enjoyed the benefit of many word-of-mouth referrals.

Sadly, Area Yoga on Montague Street has folded, and like so many entrepreneurs during the 2020 covid crisis, Jody has had to reimagine her profession. Thankfully, she has been able to re-open her practice by redesigning a room in her Brooklyn Heights home to become her own dedicated massage therapy studio, covid-compliant. She has resumed taking clients and is looking forward to staying in business!

Jody’s new massage room is large, sanitized, and air-purified through a Hepa filter. All surfaces, including the rest room are kept clean and disinfected. Masks are worn throughout the appointment. Perhaps the one measure that is most assuring is that Jody tests every 10-14 days  and maintains a covid-negative record. She also maintains an exclusive clientele, and sees no more than five clients a week. Her rates have been adjusted to fit any frugal budget and she is available daytime, evenings and weekends.

A Prenatal Massage is a safe, highly effective and long lasting easy to relieve the discomforts and strains pregnancy can bring to a woman’s body. And Jody’s massage is so much much more than that! Her exquisite techniques will not only address your discomfort zones, she will weave you into a space of sublime bliss and restoration. You will emerge from this experience feeling renewed, strengthened yet comforted, inspired, and confident within your body.

For more information CLICK HERE

Note: This table is set for a regular massage. Prenatal Massages are in a side-lying position, using bolsters and pillows

Phone or Text 718-624-5489


Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Dancing To Delivery
A Workshop for Pregnancy and Birth
With Julia Arenson,
Saturday Oct. 21st 3:30-5:30+ pm
Area Yoga Studio,
144 Montague St.Bklyn
Dance! Release, Restore!
Explore different ways to ease labor and Increase oxytocin!
Taught by experienced Birth and postpartum Doula ,Belly dancer & prenatal yoga instructor 
Explore natural pain relief through movements on and off the
birth ball, breath work, vocalizing, healing touch and visualization.
Dance into autumn and harness power, knowledge & practical tools for labor and the birth of your baby!
To sign up, contact

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Ask The Doula: 
An afternoon workshop with
Julia Arenson 
Area Yoga/Area Birth 
144 Montague St.  
Saturday, February 18th
3:30 to 5:30pm.

Thank you for your interest in our Area Birth workshop: Ask The Doula.
We have designed this afternoon to be a delightful interactive experience in which you (and your partner) can educate and envision the birth of your baby both in personal and practical aspects.

  • You took a Childbirth Education course, yet still have specific questions.
  • Your doctor had only made mention of certain topics, and you would like elaboration.
  • You want further information about hospital protocols and which procedures are mandatory, optional or elective.
  • You would like the time to explore your own personal preferences, and to the time to design a “birth plan”
  • You would like to know what type of support you will need during labor and delivery,
           and who can provide it.
  • And finally, you would like to be in the company of your partner and/or peers to explore your journey with our expert professional doula and Childbirth Educator, Julia Arenson,   and emerge with greater confidence and empowerment.
Many of you know Julia Arenson as our wonderful Prenatal Yoga teacher, here at Area Yoga.
Julia is also a DONA certified doula, who has assisted in scores of births in most of NYC’s
hospitals. She is also a Childbirth Educator candidate, a certified Postpartum Doula, a mother, a teacher, and a dedicated professional with a unique heartfelt accessibility.
This workshop is sure to position you, your partner, and baby to achieve your best possible birth
experience, and to instill a sense of assurance and comfort with whatever the future holds.
And then… will be holding your baby!
Consult the list above, and if you have checked off even one, please join us at the studio:
Area Yoga/Area Birth 144 Montague St. on Saturday, February 18th, from 3:30 to 5:30pm.
The cost is $25 for one person and $45 for a pair.
All people, relationships, and configurations are welcomed and encouraged!
All trimesters of pregnancy are invited….particularly valuable for second and third tri’s, and a must for those in their last weeks or days of pregnancy! Snacks and social time provided!
How to Enroll:
Online HERE
At any Area Yoga desk
By writing me at
By phoning or texting me, Jody at 718-624-5489

Bring your questions and notepad. And feel free to write me any of your questions so that we
guage our content. This part is not necessary, and so much can be learned through the questions of others.
Format will be: Discussion, Q&A, and snacks and share.
Love to see you for a joyous and informative afternoon of education, empowerment, and community.

Jody Caravaglia LMT

Director Area Birth

Monday, May 2, 2016

PINTEREST! Brooklyn Heights Prenatal is posting!

Such a beautiful photograph of Morning Sickness Popsicles! Find the recipe and all kinds of other Pregnancy Pins at my corner at Pinterest

Friday, April 15, 2016

Doula Do's

Are you thinking about using the services of a doula?
Here is a sampling of questions you might consider.....
Click HERE

Sunday, January 24, 2016

COME WITH YOUR BABYBUMP AND LETS DANCE! Dancing To Delivery:Saturday, January 30th, An afternoon class

Area Yoga/144 Montague Saturday, January 30 3:30pm Led by Julia Arenson:
Thank you for your interest in my dancing to delivery class this coming Saturday. This is a special class with a focus on movements over the birth ball and flowing prenatal yoga -dance sequences ; working with spirals , vocal toning and breath centered movement designed to stretch , relax and tone the pregnant body . The free flowing organic earthy movement vocabulary of middle eastern bellydance is great way to get your oxcitocin flowing and connect with your instinctive primal energies in preparation For labor and birth. Taught by an experienced birth and postpartum doula , women will also have a chance to practice movements and position changes on and off the birthing ball that are helpful restorative and relaxing in pregnancy and labor .
If you would like to sign up for this single class please contact jody to register by Thursday or register online HERE
Thank you 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Workshops in January 2016

Brooklyn Heights Prenatal at Area Yoga/Montague is hosting THREE workshops in January for 
the pregnant community.

Saturday, January 9th 
Labor and Delivery 101 for Couples: Register with your birth partner and join teacher and doula, Jesse Pournaras for a complete childbirth education course taught in three and a half hours. Click here for complete description and details.

Saturday, January 23rd 
We have two wonderful workshops lined up with a delicious snack Party in between!

Dancing to Delivery is a fusion class of Prenatal Yoga, Birthing Ball Techniques, and PREGNANT BELLY DANCING! Details Here

Ask the Doula is an open field of questions and answers regarding pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. Bring your concerns, issues, questions and plans. Teacher and doula Julia will focus her wise and experienced eye and offer her direct and practical answers. Julia has helped moms deliver babies in most of New York's hospitals and has been the ideal support for both birthing mothers and their birth partners. Details Here

Take one or both workshops on the 23rd and join our neighborhood 
Pregnant Mixer.
                  Nutritious finger food and mocktails served. 
After Belly Dancing and Before Ask the Doula we host a little Shower for our pregnant community. Women, men, couples, friends invited. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Welcome to our Prenatal program at Area Yoga 144 Montague St.

Weekday Daytime:
Mondays 11:15am Prenatal Yoga
Wednesdays 11:15am Prenatal Yoga
Thursdays 11:15am Dancing to Delivery

Tuesdays 7pm Prenatal Yoga
Thursdays 6pm Prenatal Yoga

Saturdays 12:25pm Prenatal Yoga
Sundays 9:45am Prenatal Yoga

Here is a link to register online in advance, or if you are a new student, simply arrive about 10 minutes before any class.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Labor And Delivery 101: A Workshop

Labor and Delivery 101
A Workshop
Saturday, September 26
at Area Yoga 144 Montague 
In this 3-hour workshop, our pregnant mothers-to-be, along with their birth partners, will gain the necessary tools to help manage with labor, delivery, and the birth of their baby.

As partners, you will be learning and practicing breathing techniques, positions to help labor progress, positions that help facilitate pushing, and hands-on comforting skills.

You will also learn and practice meditations to calm the mind, body and soul during your most challenging moments. 

The first third of the workshop will be a discussion of anatomy and stages of labor. 
Your birth partner for this workshop may be your spouse, significant other, parent, sibling or cherished friend.

All mats and props, and birthing balls will be provided.
Snacks also will be provided along with some fun intermingling time.

This workshop is being produced by Brooklyn Heights Prenatal, taught by Jesse Pournaris, and held at Area Yoga Montague St. The cost is $125 per couple.
If you and your partner would like to register, or want to request further information send an email to:

Sunday, March 22, 2015


This Monday, AREA YOGA adds yet another prenatal yoga class to our schedule.
Our Monday 11:15am class makes a daytime pair with our Wednesday 11:15am class.
Both classes will be led by our excellent teacher, Abbie Groff.
Abbie brings years of yoga teaching experience with a special study and
certification in Prenatal Yoga. Dedicated to the pregnant community,
she has created a wonderful fitness and well being opportunity.
This class is will benefit women in all stages of pregnancy and especially those
in their last trimester or even weeks or days close to duedate.
Together with the strengthening and stretching that Prenatal Yoga offers, Abbie
will be incorporating the use of the Birthing Ball into these classes, for added
hip and pelvis opening and to practice labor comfort techniques.
An awesome opportunity to prepare for labor.
A great way to meet and join with other local pregnant ladies.
See you there!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Saturday's Prenatal Class Time Change plus NEW PRENATAL CLASS ADDED- Wednesday Mornings!

Beginning this Saturday, 
Area Yoga's Saturday Prenatal Yoga Class 
led by Julia Arenson will begin at 12:25. 
Plan to arrive at least 5minutes earlier. 
You may register ONLINE.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Mini-Workshop w/Julia Arenson after her 7pm Prenatal Yoga Class

From our workshop, "Calm and Comfort for Pregnant Couples"
Here at Area Yoga, we have a fantastic Prenatal Yoga line-up, taught by the most knowledgeable, gracious, and compassionate Yoga instructors.

Tuesday 7pm Julia Arenson  Area/Montague
Thursday 6pm Ana Berry  Area/Montague

Saturday 12:25 pm Julia Arenson Area/Montague
Sunday 2:00pm Julia Arenson Area/Carroll Gardens

Read our Yelp reviews.....Massage too! (Link)
Click here to register for a delightful class or prenatal massage

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Thursday 6pm Prenatal Yoga with Ana Berry

Ana Berry has bi-coastal Yoga Teacher certifications, a dedication to yoga in all her cells,
a committment to the prenatal community, and a beautiful 10 month old daughter.

Here are Ana and Bella during a MamaBear Yoga class last February.

Let Ana help you to bring out the most of your pregnancy and help you prepare to give birth.
Ana Berry's Bio

Monday, April 28, 2014

Planning For A Life With Baby

This Wednesday, April 29th at 8:15, Pregini Playhouse will host Well-Being Therapist, Olivia Bergeron.
Olivia will address all concerns regarding Postpartum Preparedness. Everything from the practical, like how to do anything while holding a babe, to emotional such as how will my marriage be affected. You may have questions about when moms might return to work, or how do I manage with so little sleep. Questions and answers will be our format and Olivia will help with planning and coping. Partners are invited to attend. Playhouse is one class drop in at $13 or use your class discount card. Partners are $5 to help cover the cost of snacks. Hope to see you!
Area Yoga 144 Montague Street
Directly after 7pm Prenatal Yoga 
No previous experience with Yoga necessary!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Can Labor Be Pleasurable?

"Labor"...........even the word sounds daunting, 
Yet some women report transformative even ecstatic experiences of pleasure while "laboring".
How is this possible? 
Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator, Lindsey Mayo, (link) will use her presentation time on Tuesday to explain the body's special chemistry and clever physiological changes during "labor".
Learn about the "pleasurable" hormones that come into play, and how to tap in.
Learn how to perceive your body's birthing movements as something different than painful.
Not a trick..........just education.

Pregini Playhouse
8:15 after the 7pm Prenatal Yoga Class
Area Yoga
144 Montague St

Partners Invited!
Snacks served.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tuesday, Yoga and Pregnancy Education for Brooklyn's Moms-To-Be

This Tuesday, after the 7pm Prenatal Yoga class, 8:15, at Area Yoga 144 Montague, snacks will be served and playhouse begins.

This week we will explore, "Creating A Birth Plan".
What are they?
Do you need one?
What would it include?
Should it be written?
How likely is it that it can be followed?

Always best to have a plan, even if it goes awry.
And we will explore the awry as well.

Single class rate,($13) or discount class card.
Partners invited $5.
Join us at AREA!
Need more info: Jody at

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Our Education Series Continues: "Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster of Pregancy"

Pregnancy can be like pms on steriods, and perhaps they are chemically they're akin.......
Personally, this is one of my favorite coping mechanisms. It's called, "Reclining Ostrich.

Anywhere at any given time, something can trigger a deep emotional response from the expectant mother, that she totally did not expect. Add to that identity changes, stress about the future, moving, and the concerns of the pregnancy itself. Oh did I mention, your body is not your own? It's no wonder that simple function is challenged, and emotional stability precarious.

Want to talk about it? Want to share your experiences with other moms also in your boat? Would you like to hear the suggestions of a knowledgable, experienced, and supportive professional. Then come on out Tuesday evening, to our Education Series, when our presenter, Flora Morgolis, Well-being Therapist, will address the subject of Your Emotional Well Being During Pregnancy. Flora will engage the group in questions and discussion, and teach and lead us through a few perception shifts and coping skills.

About Flora Margolis: Link

About Pregini Playhouse:Link

Friday, February 21, 2014

Just Sayin...........

Long Island College Hospital...................always was an average/good hospital. It had a decent maternity ward. And a pediatric emergency room! So valuable! What's up?  You would think they-the real estate/govermental/powers would get on board with the community.......anyway, the governor just said it was up for grabs, but any development would have to include a health care component.....(Link) I'm not much of a community activist but, do you know how close the next closest hospital is? Here's a post from a while ago....
Giving Birth at Long Island College Hospital
 Reedu Taha Wood posted this photo on her blog (link) after her birth experience at LICH (link to post)
Long Island College Hospital, located on Hicks Street at Atlantic Ave.Here are some stats to look at: Link to Profile

Monday, February 10, 2014

Tuesday Evenings Prenatal Yoga and Childbirth Education-"PREGINI PLAYHOUSE"

What is "Pregini Playhouse"? 
Right after the 7pm Tuesday Prenatal Yoga Class, we follow up the evening with a pregnancy and childbirth education class called Pregini Playhouse, beginning at 8:10. Refreshments served.

Each week there is a different presenter/teacher addressing one of the many topics and concerns surrounding your pregnancy, labor, delivery, and motherhood. Discussion and networking included.

Here is the line-up so far:
Feb 11th- "Your Growing Belly-What Physical Changes and Symtoms You Can Expect...Which Are Of Concern" A look at your uterus and your changing body through all three trimesters. Identifying the differences, discomforts, and adjustments. Confirming the normal, and determining which concerns are doctor-worthy. 
by Danika Wynn, Registered Nurse, Certified Childbirth Educator, Midwife Candidate. (Link to our page) (Link to Danika's site)
February 18th-"Do I Want A Doula?" Maybe you've heard the term doula, and wonder what a doula does. Would you, your partner, and labor process benefit with the service of a trained and compassionate "co-worker" included. All questions answered.
by Julia Arenson, DONA Birth and Postnatal Doula, Area Yoga Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Workshop Originator (Link to our page) (Link to her site)
February 25th-"The Emotional Rollercoaster of Pregnancy-Loosen Your Seatbelt, It's a Bumpy Ride!" Your well being is not just physical. How are you handling and adjusting to your present and future diversities. Suspect hormonal interplay? Happy? Anxious? Empowered? "Questioning?" A forum of emotional responses will be tourguided, and simple grounding and peacemaking exercises will be taught.
by Flora Margolis, Well-Being Psyhotherapist (Link to her site)

Pregini Playhouse, is an Area Yoga class and can be included on your "class card' or individually purchased as a single class, $13. Stay after you've attended the 7pm Yoga Class or drop-in.