Sunday, January 24, 2016

COME WITH YOUR BABYBUMP AND LETS DANCE! Dancing To Delivery:Saturday, January 30th, An afternoon class

Area Yoga/144 Montague Saturday, January 30 3:30pm Led by Julia Arenson:
Thank you for your interest in my dancing to delivery class this coming Saturday. This is a special class with a focus on movements over the birth ball and flowing prenatal yoga -dance sequences ; working with spirals , vocal toning and breath centered movement designed to stretch , relax and tone the pregnant body . The free flowing organic earthy movement vocabulary of middle eastern bellydance is great way to get your oxcitocin flowing and connect with your instinctive primal energies in preparation For labor and birth. Taught by an experienced birth and postpartum doula , women will also have a chance to practice movements and position changes on and off the birthing ball that are helpful restorative and relaxing in pregnancy and labor .
If you would like to sign up for this single class please contact jody to register by Thursday or register online HERE
Thank you