Monday, November 25, 2013

Why I Like This Book.....

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Because "Every woman is different".
 It would be true to say that as women in North America much of our lives is spent in the pursuit of individuality and self expression. Yet, when it comes to pregnancy, labor, and giving birth we would like to fit into a standard predicted process called "normal".
When it comes to birthing the spectrum of normal is wide and varied.  Our process is governed by forces both within and beyond our control, and we would like it to be a healthy  experience no matter our setting, our choice of comfort management or our own concerns as to what is happening.
So many labor questions are answered with, "Every woman is different".
It is one thing to intellectually nod and hypothetically agree, but  you will have quite a different orientation to this statement after reading 131 pages of over 70 birthstories, each account as unique and special as the mother, baby, and family involved.
That is the effect that Part One of Ina May's Guide To Childbirth is having on me. The effect is the replacement of the hope that "my" birthing will be the "easiest", "most natural", "most convenient", "most incredible experience" with the knowledge that I am in for an uncontrollable unique roller coaster ride as individual as I am and as my baby will be.
While my story will be special and unlike any other, like all other moms who have birthed before me,  I will cope, understand, and agree to nature's power and will give birth.
Even though these stories are written by women who have given birth on Ina May's Midwifery Farm and involve little "medical" intervention, I believe this shift in understanding that "Every woman is different" can still be achieved for all women giving birth no matter your choice of settings, hospital, birthing center or home.  In fact,  even more so.
We have come to our own choice of birthplace setting. We have informed ourselves about comfort options, and we have educated ourselves as to the controlable variables.
And now, let the individuality begin!
Please note: Brooklyn Heights Prenatal does not advocate any one style, method or birthsetting, and embraces the beauty of individual choice.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

From Our Last Meet-Up, And This Was Only Half The Room

"Comfort During Early Labor" a presentation by Danika Wynn, Childbirth Educator
Last Thursday's Meet-Up saw our biggest group yet, no pun intended. And look! Many partners attended! Danika Wynn delivered an extremely informative presentation. My most impressed takeaways: The 311. When to go to the hospital during a normally progressing labor? When the contractions are three minutes apart, lasting one minute for one hour.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Dancing To Delivery:   Pregini Labor Prep"
Last Sunday, Brooklyn Heights Prenatal held its first workshop at Area Yoga, Montague St.
This workshop combined prenatal yoga,  birthing ball comforting, and Middle Eastern bellydancing.

Julia Arenson, birth and postpartum doula, prenatal yoga teacher, and professional dancer, not to mention, a compassionate and dedicated person led our treasured preginis on a  journey through pregnancy well- being.

By all accounts, an uplifting success! To be repeated.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

From Our Nov 7th Meet-Up

Laura McKenna, Staff Midwife at Woodhull Hospital condensed 4hours of information into a lively and concise 90 minute presentation on "What To Expect In The Hospital". She discussed routine hospital procedure and what you can opt out of and what you can request. She discussed hospital pain management including epidurals.

We were enthralled, engaged and many intelligent questions were asked and answered. In this moment, we were discussing how to know when you are dilating and how much.
"Is there and app for that?"