"4th" Trimester

The vision: Mama Bear’s Picnic is a weekly get together of breastfeeding moms (bottlers welcome also). We meet Wednesdays at Area Yoga, 144 Montague Street, in an open house format from 2-5pm. The studio is of a good size so the group can be large, arranged as a whole or in smaller pods.

We sit around, mostly on the floor with pads, bolsters and blankets, talk and breastfeed. Topics may be introduced, prearranged or group initiated. Free conversation is encouraged.

Biweekly, there will be a presenter who will speak or teach on a particular subject such as: How to use your breast pump, What is babywearing? What to do for colic. Can my baby swim? Time Management Tips. Postpartum Mood Swings. This segment will come mid-meetup. Then, again, we will talk amongst ourselves.

Biweekly there will be infant massage taught. Or a short yoga session. Or something else of a physical component.

Also present in the studio from time to time there will be a certified lactation consultant  available for a private consultation (additional rates apply)

The massage room with massage therapist will be available also for Mama Massage-General Stress Relief, Specific Discomfort Zones, Massage to Increase Milk Flow (additional donation requested)

The extended meet-up time and open house atmosphere encourage a stress free environment so that new moms and their infants can attend according to own their personal time frame.

There will be a balance of free form meetup and organized informative segments so that moms can gain value in a variety of ways. Moms can bring their own snacks or bring a treat for the group.

Mama Bear’s Picnic will seek its own equilibrium between leader initiated and collective-guided format to become a true community experience.

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