Prenatal Massage

Congratulations on your pregnancy!
And thank you for your interest in Prenatal Massage and what it can bring to your pregnancy.

A bit about the massage therapist:
Jody Caravaglia LMT is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist and earned her certification in Prenatal Massage from The Institute of Somatic Therapy. She was the In-House massage therapist at Area Yoga and Spa, Montague Street.

A Prenatal Massage is a safe, highly affective and long lasting way to relieve the discomforts and strains pregnancy can bring to a woman's body. And Jody's massage is so much more than that! Her exquisite techniques will not only address your discomfort zones, she will weave you into a space of sublime bliss and restoration. You will emerge from this experience feeling renewed, strengthened yet comforted, inspired, and confident within your body. 

Prenatal Massage Appointments with Jody can be scheduled by phoning or texting  718-624-5489 
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The Benefits of Massage During Pregnancy

The benefits of Prenatal Massage are achieved simply and pleasantly, yet they are significant, profound and far-reaching.

As a licensed massage therapist, specializing in prenatal, I would be happy to discuss your pregnancy with you and to schedule your prenatal massage(s).

Jody Caravaglia (718) 624-5489

  1. Therapeutic Massage has the ability to relieve aches and pains in a natural and safe way without the use of medications. Especially good for the pregnant mom and her fetus.
  2. Massage assists in promoting movement of the blood and lymph fluids. For the pregnant mother the benefits are many: assisting the heart with its increased circulation workload, assisting in venous blood return especially from legs, helping deliver oxygen, via blood flow to nourish mother’s muscles, helping to delivery metabolic waste products in the blood to the lungs and kidneys where they can be eliminated. Helps reduce water swelling (edema) in the legs by manually increasing lymph circulation. As a result, decreases fatigue.
  3. Promotes a healthy immune system.
  4. Massage helps to ease pressure and allievate stress on the weight bearing joints:  hips, pelvis, knees, ankles, and foot joints. Massage soothes soreness and fatigue in all the muscles of the pregnant body, and specifically to the muscles associated with supporting the extra weight of the baby, and muscles effected by the growing shape and gravitational pulls on the mother’s changing form. Massage can relieve any pressure that impinges on any nerves such as the Sciatic Nerve. Massage can address lower back strain.  
  5. By receiving prenatal massage, the Mom-to-be learns more about her own ability to relax, what true relaxation feels like, and how to still herself.  Massage can increase a woman’s self awareness of her specific body or muscle tensions (proprioception). All useful skills to have in labor. Relaxation helps to deepen the prenatal mom’s respiration, which in turn creates greater health in the mother and fetus.
  6. Emotions and mental worries can be calmed and soothed through the nurturing and caring touch of a conscientious massage practioner. Stress levels in the mother are reflected into the womb and can be affected positively through the relaxation and reassurance that massage provides.
  7. Besides releasing well being endorphins that positively affect both mother and fetus, skillful prenatal touch has the ability to promote and increase the mother’s own nourishing abilities. A range that includes good placental health, intact maternal instincts, and steady mammary output.
  8. Massage can help prepare the pregnant mother enter her labor and delivery  with her pelvis already loosened healthily, with any of the body’s excess tension having been released prior. She is more used to being touched, and more familiar and comfortable with receiving the handling and body manipulation of others who will be physically and emotionally supporting her throughout her labor.            
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