Emotional Well Being

Pregnancy and the postpartum period are unique times of life involving many changes and transitions.  While usually exciting and exhilarating, a variety of challenges may arise, including:
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression
  • Concerns around shifting roles and identities
  • Issues around body image
  • Tensions in relationships
  • Financial strain
  • Health problems
  • Balancing work and new motherhood
It can be difficult to know when to seek help and whom to call.  The following questions may help you decide how best to approach your situation. 

When should I seek help?
Psychotherapy and counseling services are helpful when coping with these concerns.  Please contact Brooklyn Heights Prenatal’s psychotherapist, Erin Gilbert, at 646-580-7025 or at erin@egtherapy.com if you have experienced any of the following:

  • I have or a family member has feelings, moods or behaviors that I do not like or understand, or that seem out of control.
  • I have relationship difficulties that I can’t seem to resolve.
  • I am sad, anxious, or unable to concentrate.
  • I feel stuck, out of options lacking hope, or suicidal.
  • I am having trouble getting out of bed in the morning.
  • I suspect that I have or a family member has an addiction.
  • I am having or a family member is having trouble with a major life transition, such as pregnancy or becoming a parent, accepting a loved one's death, or dealing with a divorce.
  • I am angry with my loved ones and myself very often.
  • I am unmotivated, lethargic or routinely exhausted.
  • My friends and family have distanced themselves from me and I don't know why.
Who is Brooklyn Heights Prenatal’s psychotherapist?
Psychotherapy at Brooklyn Heights Prenatal is provided by Erin Gilbert, MSW, LCSW.  For more information about her, please visit her website at www.egtherapy.com.

What kinds of psychotherapy and counseling services do you provide?
Individual, couple or family sessions are available.  In addition, groups for new mothers will be available on a rolling basis. 

What happens during the first session?
In a first session, many things occur.  Erin will want to hear about the reasons you are seeking psychotherapy, and she will ask questions about various aspects of your life, both past and present.  Together, you’ll explore either verbally or via paperwork the nuts and bolts of psychotherapy, such as confidentiality, cancellation policies and payment.  If you have any specific questions, certainly those will be explored.   
Are sessions confidential?All services are confidential by law with a few exceptions.  The most common exceptions to confidentiality occur if you say that you are going to hurt yourself or someone else, or if you reveal any past incidences of childhood physical or sexual abuse.  In such cases, Erin is obligated to contact the appropriate authorities. There are a few other exceptions to confidentiality that occur less frequently, so please feel free to ask about these situations if this is a concern for you.
How many sessions are recommended?There is no set time length for a course of psychotherapy.  Certain people choose to attend a few sessions, and to end treatment when some benefit has been realized.  Others choose to continue with psychotherapy for longer periods of time, working on many aspects of their lives.  After ending treatment, some individuals return for additional sessions as needed at different points throughout life.  While any of these approaches are very valid, a greater number of sessions usually is required to achieve long lasting changes on deeper levels.   
How much does psychotherapy cost?  Do you accept insurance?Fees vary depending upon the services requested, so please contact Erin at 646-580-7025 or at erin@egtherapy.com to discuss cost in detail.  While Erin does not participate in any insurance plans, many insurance plans offer out-of-network benefits, and she will help you access these benefits if desired. 

 About Erin Gilbert, MSW, LCSW

Erin received her Masters degree in social work, which she earned summa cum laude from the University of Maryland.  She continued her studies in a post-graduate training program examining psychodynamic psychotherapy, and currently is enrolled in a post-graduate training program focusing on relational psychotherapy.  She holds advanced clinical social work licenses in Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Washington, D.C.

Her professional emphasis includes:
  • Providing individual, family and group therapies, focusing on ages twelve and older. 
  • Working with people who are coping with a range of issues, including but not limited to stress, anxiety or depression.
  • Offering confidential services in a private location.
  • Using an array of approaches as needed to address client concerns.  

Erin is a member of the National Association of Social Workers and the New York State Society for Clinical Social Work. 

As the author of the Book Corner for the Greater Washington Society for Clinical Social Work's newsletter, Erin conducted author interviews and wrote numerous book reviews.  Other articles by Erin have been featured in the Journal of Employee Assistance and the Silver Spring/ Takoma Park Voice.

In addition to being a psychotherapist, Erin is a trained yoga instructor.  Her knowledge of various yogic principles helps deepen her work as a psychotherapist. 

She has presented seminars and workshops on an assortment of topics such as coping with stress, time management and using yogic principles to decrease anxiety.


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