Friday, February 21, 2014

Just Sayin...........

Long Island College Hospital...................always was an average/good hospital. It had a decent maternity ward. And a pediatric emergency room! So valuable! What's up?  You would think they-the real estate/govermental/powers would get on board with the community.......anyway, the governor just said it was up for grabs, but any development would have to include a health care component.....(Link) I'm not much of a community activist but, do you know how close the next closest hospital is? Here's a post from a while ago....
Giving Birth at Long Island College Hospital
 Reedu Taha Wood posted this photo on her blog (link) after her birth experience at LICH (link to post)
Long Island College Hospital, located on Hicks Street at Atlantic Ave.Here are some stats to look at: Link to Profile

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