Sunday, February 23, 2014

Our Education Series Continues: "Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster of Pregancy"

Pregnancy can be like pms on steriods, and perhaps they are chemically they're akin.......
Personally, this is one of my favorite coping mechanisms. It's called, "Reclining Ostrich.

Anywhere at any given time, something can trigger a deep emotional response from the expectant mother, that she totally did not expect. Add to that identity changes, stress about the future, moving, and the concerns of the pregnancy itself. Oh did I mention, your body is not your own? It's no wonder that simple function is challenged, and emotional stability precarious.

Want to talk about it? Want to share your experiences with other moms also in your boat? Would you like to hear the suggestions of a knowledgable, experienced, and supportive professional. Then come on out Tuesday evening, to our Education Series, when our presenter, Flora Morgolis, Well-being Therapist, will address the subject of Your Emotional Well Being During Pregnancy. Flora will engage the group in questions and discussion, and teach and lead us through a few perception shifts and coping skills.

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