Sunday, March 22, 2015


This Monday, AREA YOGA adds yet another prenatal yoga class to our schedule.
Our Monday 11:15am class makes a daytime pair with our Wednesday 11:15am class.
Both classes will be led by our excellent teacher, Abbie Groff.
Abbie brings years of yoga teaching experience with a special study and
certification in Prenatal Yoga. Dedicated to the pregnant community,
she has created a wonderful fitness and well being opportunity.
This class is will benefit women in all stages of pregnancy and especially those
in their last trimester or even weeks or days close to duedate.
Together with the strengthening and stretching that Prenatal Yoga offers, Abbie
will be incorporating the use of the Birthing Ball into these classes, for added
hip and pelvis opening and to practice labor comfort techniques.
An awesome opportunity to prepare for labor.
A great way to meet and join with other local pregnant ladies.
See you there!


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