Monday, April 28, 2014

Planning For A Life With Baby

This Wednesday, April 29th at 8:15, Pregini Playhouse will host Well-Being Therapist, Olivia Bergeron.
Olivia will address all concerns regarding Postpartum Preparedness. Everything from the practical, like how to do anything while holding a babe, to emotional such as how will my marriage be affected. You may have questions about when moms might return to work, or how do I manage with so little sleep. Questions and answers will be our format and Olivia will help with planning and coping. Partners are invited to attend. Playhouse is one class drop in at $13 or use your class discount card. Partners are $5 to help cover the cost of snacks. Hope to see you!
Area Yoga 144 Montague Street
Directly after 7pm Prenatal Yoga 
No previous experience with Yoga necessary!

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