Monday, September 10, 2012

Walk To Your Doctor's Appointment

Leslie J. Bizovi, MD
Board Certified Ob/Gyn

Bizovi Women’s Health offers a unique style of caring based on building strong patient relationships.
Dr. Leslie Bizovi believes that personal, individualized attention is the only way to practice good medicine.
Dr. Bizovi is a board-certified ob/gyn and a certified acupuncturist focused on an integrative approach to health and healing. Leslie appreciates the journey a woman takes during her pregnancy, through labor and delivery and into motherhood.
Bizovi Women’s Health provides the local Brooklyn community with compassionate care for every phase of a woman’s life.
10 Columbia Place 
(between State St. and Joralemon St.)
Brooklyn, New York 11201
Welcome to Bizovi Women’s Health (link)


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