Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In Praise of The Uterus

"The uterus is balanced, or in a manner floats, in its normal position in the pelvic cavity in a state of equilibrium. Under natural conditions when this state of equilibrium is disturbed it is quickly and readily regained as soon as the disturbing agency has ceased to operate. The uterus is endowed with a greater degree of mobility than any other internal organ in the body. Its position is normally altered by every respiratory act, descending with inspiration and rising with expiration. It is pushed backward as the bladderfills and forward by a full rectum and upward when both these organs are filled. Its position is changed by change of posture. It may be greatly displaced in a bimanual examination only to immediately return to its normal position which may vary considerably within certain limits. So to constitute a displacement the condition must be continuous and more or less fixed. Should the uterus become fixed or immobilized in what is called its "normal position" such a condition would be pathological."

do quite a bit of research and studying by following links on the internet. This excerpt is from a medical article on uterus displacement and can be read in full by clicking on this LINK. I found the wording so eloquent......almost poetic.....the way the author evokes the principle of the uterus as a cloud floating on a hammock. Amazing!......Jody


  1. Thanks so much for the educational article. I really appreciate your work in this field. What a pleasure it is to read this post! Keep it up!

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  3. The uterus is a sacred place for the human kind because God gives babies and women giving birth to all the people.